Hair Restoration

The Hair Replication Studio Experience

Our focus goes above and beyond helping you reach your hair replication goals. We take pride in our client services from the very first consultation to the final treatment. We’ll even be checking up on you in a few years for a possible touch up! We maintain lifelong relationships with our customers because we love what we do and they love their results.

Our team of professional technicians were trained and certified by the Vancouver Paramedical Clinic in Canada with specializations in Scalp Micropigmentation, Scar Revision, and Hair Density. We have a combined total experience of over 65 years of consulting and treating men and women for their various hair needs. We’ve since been changing how men deal with hair loss and helping women, as well, in an affordable nonsurgical way.

Our technical training includes each procedure as well as safety and sanitation practices. We daily do hair restorations in the New Jersey and New York surrounding area and aim to become the east coasts most experienced hair restoration experts.

Even with our years of experience, our highly trained team continues to develop their skills in cutting-edge techniques to enhance the appearance of hair, revitalize clients confidence, regenerate their self-esteem.

HRS New Jersey

Maintaining Artistry

Hair restoration isn’t just about technicality. High levels of artistry and detail awareness are crucial for client satisfaction. There is no one-size-fits-all approach at our studio and we address each case as its own. Over the last 30 years we’ve mastered a unique technique using the map of each client's facial structure to achieve the clients goal.

Our Objective

The objective of the Hair Restoration Studio is to provide one-on-one hair replication services for men and women in a safe and sanitary environment from only the most specialized and talented teams in the area. Clients work closely with a stylist and technician to identify the ideal areas to improve density and create a natural and realistic look.

Why Us

We know how important treating hair thinning or baldness is to our clients and we remain sensitive to their needs and requests. We combine innovative technology, the medical and technical experience, and cosmetic artistry, of our exceptional team at Hair Restoration Studio, to provide excellent services and sincere, friendly experiences.