December 21, 2019

The Rise of SMP

Why People Seeking Lasting Results Are Turning to Scalp Micropigmentation

Why People Seeking Lasting Results Are Turning to Scalp Micropigmentation

50 to 60% of men will go bald and 40% of women will lose the majority of their hair and most of this hair loss will occur before the age of 40 for both genders(1). These are very real statistics that can no longer be ignored.

The good news? You’re not alone in experiencing hair loss and balding. And the best news is the non-surgical, affordable, and effective solution that’s helped thousands of people overcome their biggest insecurity. Scalp Micropigmentation is on the rise and taking the hair loss remedy market by storm. Could it be the right solution for you, too? Discover how SMP has become the go-to treatment for men and women looking to restore their confidence one follicle at a time.

SMPs Claim to Fame

Hair loss and balding is nothing new. Americans have been addressing this issue with powders, sprays, pills, and surgery for decades. So what sets Scalp Micropigementation apart that has this solution climbing to the top?

Formerly referred to Scalpa Micro Tattooing, SMP is a non-invasive procedure that has made it possible for anyone to seeking a permanent hair loss solution. Due to the price, recovery time, and final results–SMP quickly began to lead the pack in non-invasive, hair correction procedures.

The Price

In comparison to monthly prescriptions and hair transplant surgery, Scalp Micorpigmentation saves patients tens of thousands of dollars. Hair replacement surgery costs $8-$20k with no guarantee of lasting results. Scalp Micropigmentation averages  $2-$4k. and guarantees results, with no maintenance required.

Recovery Time

Each SMP treatment takes a few hours and is an outpatient procedure. There is initial redness that reduces significantly after the first day and many clients don’t require a leave from work.

The healing phase between sessions is between 5 days with the best results being experienced within 2-3 sessions.


SMP does more than create a hair-like follicle tattoo to fill in balding or create the illusion of density. It is also the best way to cover the scar of failed hair replacement surgery. Often leaving a white stripe across the back of the head, a big scar is an unpleasant result that leaves many patients dissatisfied in their previous attempts to resolve balding.

The consultation for hair transplants often excites clients who are desperate to reclaim their confidence and take control of their hair loss but often downplays the inevitable scarring. Pioneers in Scalp Micro-Pigmentation didn’t believe the trade-off was fair. One shouldn’t have to replace their hairline with a massive scalp scar.


SMP changes lives and that’s no overstatement. One of the top insecurities reported by men is hair loss and many mainstream solutions don’t help or result in an unnatural appearance that actually emphasizes the very balding it’s trying to hide.

Have you begun to see yourself differently as a result of losing your hair? Products are temporary and surgery is dangerous and results aren’t guaranteed for either. Call today for a free consultation to see if a permanent, natural-looking solution is right for you.