November 7, 2019

Things Scalp MicroPigmentation Can Do That Toppik Can’t

Micropigmentation in New Jersey

If you’ve been on the hunt to regain your confidence by restoring the appearance of a head of hair, you’ve probably come across a variety of potential solutions.

You may have read about bizarre ancient Chinese techniques that suggest you rub apple cider vinegar on your scalp, or a 1,000 different ways to use your combover to hide your balding. The worst of them is when you come across pages of products that are going to eat your money and deliver unfair results.

All of these things have one unfortunate commonality – they’re not going to provide the appearance of hair or hair follicles. Of these letdowns, there is one product that enough of our patients have complained about that we thought it’s time to post a little PSA–Toppik.

Toppik is marketed as natural keratin hair fibers that instantly thicken hair and cover balding. But at what price? Here’s the truth about this product and how Scalp MicroPigmentation is preferred if you’re looking for lasting results without all the cons.

#1 Toppik is Not Water Proof

Rain, shower, and even sweat will be the end of your new-found fade. Like most spray-on, shake-on hair fiber products, the first sign of grey clouds may send you into a panic. You’d also have to wash your scalp entirely before going to the gym or on a particularly hot day. Sweat on your head or forehead can cause the color of the fibers to leak. So if you’re not into brown sweat, this may not be worth it.

Scalp Micropigmentation is a medical, non-surgical, hair tattoo and entirely waterproof.

#2 Application is a Mess

Unless you’re willing to commit serious time to become a pro at applying Toppik it isn’t very “user-friendly” and often requires a regular clean-up of the bathroom floors and countertops.

Micropigmentation is performed by licensed and trained technicians who get it right the first time. It’s only done once and a touchup every 5-8 year is recommended.

#3 Doesn’t Look Natural

Sometimes, no matter how hard you work it, dispersing a fiber product evenly can seem impossible. It’s also been noted that removing the product can leave circles of dye, causing the crown of the head to appear patchy.

We place the Micropigmentation precisely according to the pattern of your natural follicle structure. Each dot is essential where your hair would be growing for a natural shaved look.

#4 Are You Willing to Pay the Price–Forever?

Toppik can range from $40-$80 dollars monthly.

Get brilliant, natural-looking results and pay once depending on your needs.

Scalp Micropigmentation vs. Toppik

Scalp Micropigmentation and hair-replacement products aim to solve a similar issue but Micropigmentation is the only one that lasts. You deserve to be able to restore the look of thicker, fuller hair, or cover your entire scalp without the fear of it washing away by the end of the day. Lasting confidence requires a permanent change.

Tired and unimpressed with hair replacement and replication options for men? Discover meaningful options with our team today.