December 13, 2019

5 Ways Scalp Micropigmentation Can Change Your Life

Micro pigmentation

Perhaps you’ve noticed subtle changes in your mood, attitudes, or behaviors as a result of being self-conscious because of hair loss. The pep in your step seems long gone as your life becomes a series of hats, canceled dates, and dodging selfies when someone pulls out a camera. Here at Hair Replication Studio, we experience first-hand the amazing impact Scalp Micropigmentation has in the lives of those who finally take the step toward resolving their hair loss woes.

The average Scalp Micropigmentation client isn’t hoping to land a centerfold or qualify for the red carpet on behalf of their new hairline. More often than not, SMP patients simply want to return to the confidence they once had and are tired of letting hair loss and balding hold them back in life.

Here are just a few ways Scalp Micropigmentation can change your life, too.

Improve Relationships and Dating

Balding is notorious for making you look older. While seeming wise beyond your years isn’t always a bad thing, it can make dating more complicated and stressful than it already is. SMP treatment allows you to confidently enjoy others while being able to share the best of yourself without holding back or being distracted by your combover.

Take Pictures With Ease

Find yourself hiding in the back or reaching for a hat whenever friends and family are snapping pictures? Scalp Micropigmentation can significantly boost your comfort in capturing special moments and will even help highlight your more photogenic features. With SMP you’ll never have to fear professional or personal photos again.

Increase Workplace Confidence

When’s the last time you walked into the office like you owned the place? Sometimes, even with an increase in work performance or returning to work after a nice long vacation, it feels impossible to restore the feeling you had before the hair loss. SMP is an outpatient procedure that’ll have you back to work in no time and on the top of your game more than ever before.

Reduce Overall Stress & Anxiety Over Appearance

Scalp Micropigmentation results are immediate and are best after just 2-3 sessions. But those first few glances into the mirror when your procedure is done, are magical. Here at HRS we watch the light return to people’s faces when they see and feel the impact of improved hair density, a strengthened hairline, or going from completely bald to buzzcut in a matter of hours. This procedure isn’t just about hair tattooing, it’s about making you feel like the man or woman you used to be, with the chance of feeling even better than that.

Restore Your Likelihood to Try New Things

Just like confidently approaching someone you’re attracted to, trying anything risky in life requires a sense of readiness and willingness. Men and women carrying the heavy burden of balding are far more likely to hesitate on new experiences that add to the discomfort.

But life won’t wait for you to feel better about yourself. Take action now with a free SMP consultation and give yourself permission to live without looming self-doubt and insecurity.