Hair Density Improvement

Hair Density Treatment

Many perfectly eligible candidates for hair density treatment delay their opportunity to correct their hair loss. Often assuming they are bald enough, they continue to live with thinning or patchy hair. Fortunately, there is no balding quota to qualify for hair density improvements.

Scalp Micropigmentation Hair Density or SMP HD, is a process in which pigment is placed into the dermal layer of the skin giving the appearance of extra hair follicles. The process includes micro-needles that inject pigment into the upper or epidermis.

Hair Density creates faux hair follicles, creating the look of more hair. For men who closely shave their head down, it looks great. But for women with long hair or men with short hair that just needs more density small dots certainly help, but it does not create the same density you would need for long hair. The goal with Hair Density is to hide as much bare skin as possible.p

Before After Hair Density improvementHair Density improvement
Before After improve-density-of-your-hairimprove-density-of-your-hair
Before After improve hair densityimprove-density-of-your-hair
Before After Hair Density Improvementhair density improvements.

Hair Density Treatment VS. Hair Transplants


Hair Density Treatment remains significantly more affordable, safer, convenient, accessible, and even lasts longer than hair transplant options like FUE and FUT.

Here’s a breakdown.



The average cost for HD is between $2,000 and $5,000. The cost for a hair transplant ranges from $8,000-$15,000. Not to mention the time off from work required when getting a hair transplant when you could literally go back to work the day of an HD treatment.


Hair Transplants are a surgery where either a large strip from the scalp is cut out or follicles are implanted. Hair Density doesn’t move anything anywhere it just adds the appearance of more hair follicles creating a fuller look.. There is no anesthesia or recovery time required.


HD pigment will fade and may require a touch up every 4-6 years. Results from a transplant reduce significantly after 10 years begging the question, would a client want surgery every decade and how much hair would even be left to use for the replacement?


The Difference
Hair Density Treatment will not make hair grow back the way a replacement could. But it is an accessible option that creates the appearance of a fuller head of hair. For so many on the thinning and balding spectrum who want immediate results and don’t want to dish out $10,000 HD promises to restore hairlines and confidence.

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